Back to School Portfolio

In order to get accepted back to school, Computer Animation at Sheridan College, I needed to update my portfolio and my reel. The reel is above and the portfolio is below:


I took the “Drawing for Animation” workshop offered at Sheridan College for four weeks in July, four days a week. I, along with more than a dozen grade 11 students, were taught by traditional animation instructors in the mystical fields of life drawing, perspective, character design and storyboarding. I learned some new stuff, despite have studied traditional animation at the Art Institute of Toronto 7 years prior.

And luckily, the work was a big enough improvement that it became 3/4 of my submission to apply for Sheridan.

I scoured my hard drive to find video footage of my previous work and recut my 2007 reel over the month of August. Everything was reorganized, I removed the weaker elements from my first reel and organized my clips by subject matter and technique.

And in October of 2014, I was told that my work made me worthy of this highly competitive program!